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Mold Remediation Tarzana - Mildew Removal Tarzana

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Though mold has extremely negative connotations surrounding it, mold is actually all around us and even plays an essential role in maintaining the environment. However, mold in the walls, carpets, flooring or ceilings of a home or business should be removed immediately. When left unchecked, mold can cause serious health and structural related issues and problems.

Problems Caused by Mold

Mold can cause numerous structural and health issues. Some mold has even been found to contain carcinogens. Some of the problems mold can cause include:

A threat to existing drywall, wood, and furniture
Overall structural damage
Unattractive stains and noticeable spotting
Allergies and swollen throats, eyes, noses and skin
Lung problems, infections, and difficulty breathing
Sleepiness and flu-like symptoms
Headaches, diarrhea and rashes
Creation of an environment where rodents, roaches, dust mites and bacteria can thrive

Mold Remediation Tarzana

Since even dead mold can cause serious side effects that are detrimental to your health, mold removal companies like Water Damage Tarzana Experts often include many different services to treat mold growth. These services include:

- Preliminary examination of mold
- Testing of mold, spore and mildew type
- Mold, spore and fungus extraction
- Dehumidification and air blowing
- Mold and water damaged area remediation
- Disposal of any exposed materials
- Purification of odors caused by mold
- Preventative anti-mold treatments

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"Your technicians were cheerful, friendly and professional in the face of a daunting task. They worked really hard and they were terrific. The job was very intense - given truly horrid working conditions. Your employees gave good attention to detail and kept me informed all day. I appreciate them very much."
Terrence T.

"Your technician was awesome and everything went great. I would recommend this company. Overall, I would say that Water Damage Northridge Experts were GREAT!!!"
Diana S.

"The technician that came to our home is one of the most caring, competent, professional and helpful people that I’ve ever met! He made this very difficult experience easy. He was always available, even at 10:30pm when I called him after the power went out. I had not left a message because it was so late. However, he saw the missed call and called me back. He was incredibly careful with our home and explained everything to us answering any and all of our questions."
Katie R.

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