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Water Damage Repair Tarzana - Emergency Restoration Services Tarzana

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Water Damage or Flooding of your home or business is the number one property loss in terms of total cost in America today. Many people only think of serious water damage as hurricane or river overflows. Although these are obviously the most devastating they are not the most common. Here in the Tarzana and nearby areas a broken sump pump, frozen water pipes and backed up sewer lines are the most common causes of home and business flooding. There are others such as broken water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines which are some of the more common culprits. In either case the situation really does require a good understanding of the situation and preferably an immediate handling.

Water Damage Tarzana understands that recovering your losses after water damage can be a painful, exhausting process. We can help return your life to normal by responding quickly to reverse the damage done by harmful exposure to the elements. Getting your property back in shape and your life back on track is our number one priority.

Our Water Damage Services Tarzana

After the initial damage event (such as a storm), water will continue to harm your belongings as long as it remains. Water Damage Tarzana responds quickly to mitigate such water damage with our emergency debris removal and dumping, state-of-the-art drying and dehumidification equipment, and our mold, mildew and bacterial sanitization process. After completion of our initial stage of damage control, our technicians work to assess the complete extent of the damage before restoring your walls, carpets and furniture to its original condition. With our 24/7, year round availability, Water Damage Tarzana is always at the ready to quickly respond to water damage events.

Water Extraction Procedure

When a Trained Water Remediation Technician addresses a flooded building or basement, one of the first questions they should ask is “What is the source of the water?” This helps them to determine the category. This is important information because the handling varies with each of these. Equipment and procedures can include extraction of water with extraction equipment, several types of dehumidifiers, specialized blowers, air injection systems (on walls, ceilings, and floors), odor treatments, sanitizing, disinfecting, etc.

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"Your technicians were cheerful, friendly and professional in the face of a daunting task. They worked really hard and they were terrific. The job was very intense - given truly horrid working conditions. Your employees gave good attention to detail and kept me informed all day. I appreciate them very much."
Terrence T.

"Your technician was awesome and everything went great. I would recommend this company. Overall, I would say that Water Damage Northridge Experts were GREAT!!!"
Diana S.

"The technician that came to our home is one of the most caring, competent, professional and helpful people that I’ve ever met! He made this very difficult experience easy. He was always available, even at 10:30pm when I called him after the power went out. I had not left a message because it was so late. However, he saw the missed call and called me back. He was incredibly careful with our home and explained everything to us answering any and all of our questions."
Katie R.

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